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What Others Are Saying

Trudy Y
POWER FOR LIFE has single handedly, replaced literally hundreds of dollars worth's of supplements that I used to take. I started taking it after throwing all my other supplements to the side, to really hear my body talk to me about what this product is doing for me. I absolutely, 100% recommend Power For Life for you. I know what it has done for me, with regard to energy level, and the resilience of the body, the joints, eyesight, headaches going away. It is the best supplement that I have ever taken so I highly recommend it for you, your family, your friends and people that you care about. . Read more...
Trudy Y Personal Trainer & Nutritionist
Fred W
I was feeling kind of miserable and went into the hospital. My kidneys had shut down and ultimately they found cancer in half a dozen places. I was put on a hormone therapy treatment that lasted about a month and really knocked me down from the standpoint of energy and general quality of life. I heard about POWER FOR LIFE and started taking it. After probably four days I started feeling better and soon after regained pretty-well all the energy I had before I was diagnosed. My quality of life is now much better and I feel really good. I'll be 72 in November and I plan on sticking with POWER FOR LIFE. Read more...
Fred W Cancer Survivor
Actor Rex Linn
I don’t ever write so called ‘testimonials’ for any product, but in this case I feel compelled. Power For Life was recommended to me with glowing enthusiasm: It does this, improves that, energy this, reduces that...’ My immediate response was ... whatever, heard that crap many times over. I decided to ‘roll the dice’ on this Power For Life thing for one week. The rest is history. This little slice of Heaven propels me into every day!!! Cutting to the chase, my energy level has been redefined. Do not and will not start my day without it. Read more...
Actor Rex Linn Sgt Frank Tripp, CSI Miami

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